I’ve been ill lately. Usually when I get sick (aka allergies/sinus cold) it takes me months to recover. I’ll have moments of clarity where I think I’m over it and then bam, I wake up the next day and I can’t breathe and I go through a box of tissues trying to keep my brain from leaking out of my nose.

If my body stays at a certain blood pressure level, I tend to be okay and can breathe properly with a few sniffles. During sleep time however, my blood pressure plummets and my nose stops functioning correctly.

The really unfortunate side effect of an illness that afflicts the nose is that it’s directly associated with ears and throat. So now I have a sore throat and my inner ears are itchy. It’s a mess and I feel like I want to dive into a sea of nyquil jello.

I am the perpetually sick girl. It sucks. Having these kinds of ailments doesn't mean I get to be sick, lay in bed, and not function till I’m better. It means I have to do normal things and cope with the effects of the illness all day long whenever they hit.

I know there are worse things to complain about but I can’t help but be totally envious of people who never have allergies or sinus issues. The not breathing bit is quite a bitch.


francois said...

"I’ve been ill lately. Usually when I get sick (aka allergies/sinus cold) it takes me months to recover."

Sad to hear this :(

I think it's not normal you can take so long to recover.
What I would do if I were your coach ^^ (assuming you don't have special medical conditions I'm not aware of).

1) Go back to a normal sleeping schedule so the next day your XP bar is blue not purple and your immunity system is up. I'm also a night owl in vacation/WE but otherwise I must comply with the collective schedule. The important is to lie down even if you don't sleep.

2) More physical activities/sport few times a week so your body will naturally want to sleep at night to recover/upgrade. You'll probably go lol but in your case I would try gentle weight lifting like Marylin Monroe did during her career:

3) Try vitamin C as soon and during being ill. It's supposed to boost the immune system and it's not accumulated in the body. For me it works very well and it doesn't affect my sleep (if it does avoid to take in the evening).

Few extras,

- avoid big flashy light on your screens just before going to bed (like 25 men, lets burst all our spells on the raid boss oO)
- learn a relaxation technique (locate tensed muscles, relax them, learn abdominal breathing). We are psychosomatic.
- open windows one or two times per day to renew air (a lot of allergies or worst come from volatile components in paints, furniture, etc).

Simple strat. after all ^^ (I know it's always easy to say especially if your French ^^)

Take care.

Neeeed ... to go to epic sleep to comply with the collective.

Yawn ++


francois said...

Hope you're getting better. You probably know all this, none of my business really but I can't help it (hate when people are ill, a good thing I mostly fix software/hardware and not humans ^^)

* Is there a relation between your allergies/sinus and the pets? (especially the cat)
* Is there a relation between your low pressure and your hydration? Could it explain your crave for salt which increases your water retention and so your pressure?
* Do you eat properly?

I now self-destruct my lvl 1 Doc ^^
All the best.

rackedout said...

Do you take anything for the allergies? I took Clariton D back in the states, and that seemed to help me.

francois said...

Oops, I'm already back (Soulstone fault).

This article was in my feed reader and thought it could interests you too:

I like these ideas of "decisions trees/inputs/outputs" to help manage our health (especially the third case).

Reading back,
"I am the perpetually sick girl. It sucks."

You sound resigned (in a less pessimist version you could have write, "so far", "until now"). We have all these technologies, open research, networks and I fear you give up on this.

Ding! You have a message from one of your peers (I guess)

It also makes me think of your neighbor, Lance. I saw him on the "tour de France" this summer and whatever people say I've got lots of respect for him (he's got both a brain and bowls).

/target Alachia
/cast Rejuvenation
/cast Regrowth
/cast Nourish