Bad Hair Day

I’ve been trying to keep up with the nobs blog stuff. Problem is I don’t know what to write. I have a lot of feelings and emotions but nothing really happens to me. There’s not a lot to say at times. And usually when there is a lot going on, I’m too busy to write… like during the holidays.

I guess I could talk about my hair and how it’s been annoying me. I’ve been growing it out to donate to Locks for Love. Seems like a simple way to help out and I like knowing someone might be happier because of it. However, in true spoiled fashion, I’m not a fan of growing my hair down past my nipples. Sorry there isn’t a better marker description for me. My hair is extremely thick and straight.

I’m always envious of other people's ability to do shit with their hair. My hair is either down and in my face or up in a bun clip thingy. Anyways, I’m at that point where I like to cut my hair but can’t because it’s not long enough. It has to be 10” to donate. When I take the scissors to it, I’m going to cut it at shoulders length so it has to be 10 inches past my shoulders. I’d say it’s about 6.5 to 7 inches past my shoulders at the moment. A few more months to go probably depending on my hair growth cycle.

Wow. this was a ridiculously boring post. Maybe I’ll go burn pieces of my hair for fun now. It’s crazy how fast hair burns.


Peteicus_X said...

not that you shouldn't talk about your hair...I actually did just enjoy this post, but talking about feelings and emotions seem fine to me. You happen to think up a lot of interesting shit. How could writing some of that down hurt?

rackedout said...

The locks for love is really nice. My daughter did that when she was five, and it was really nice.

As for stuff to blog, you could make it a mission to go out once a week with your camera and look for "adventure". :D

MtB said...

zer is a hair dresser in helsinki named as "bad hair day"