Salt, Tomatoes, and Icecream Cake

I looked into doing detox diets yesterday but then realized they’re all basically starvation diets. F that noise. I really want to lose about 5lbs. The ultimate problem is that I’m in love with candy and I got a shit ton of it for Christmas. I have a major oral fixation and it usually leads to a ton of snacking.

I went out to eat with Flipmax yesterday and we stopped by Central Market on the way back. I picked up a lot of fruit like grapes and bananas. I also decided to try and see if I couldn’t curb some snacking hunger with some cherry tomatoes.

Today I took a few and put them in my mug and poured boiling water over them. I don’t like eating cold food and I thought boiling them might soften them up a bit too. I then sprinkled sea salt on them and gobbled them up. Over all, I’d say this snack is quite a success minus the fact that I got salt grains all over my desk.

Of course, after eating all the cherry tomatoes, I was still craving salt so I started to pour the salt in my hand and lick it up. This would have been fine had I not overdone it. Now I can’t feel my tongue. In order to remedy this, I went downstairs and ate a no-sugar added light ice cream sandwich. DOH. Oh well. I tried.

I then decided to go ahead and make another ice cream cake since I had the ice cream sandwiches out. This recipe is diabetic friendly and quite delicious. I changed it up a bit though and added fresh strawberries instead of the chocolate cookie wafers. The hardest part about the recipe is finding freezer storage for it.

I’m still a bit hungry but I think I’ll chew on some gum…which of course will stir up my digestive juices and I’ll be more hungry soon! Thank god it’s almost dinner time.


Strumpet said...

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I did the GM diet (yes, General Motors), you can google it. It's tough the first day or two, but then it gets a lot easier. I lost about 8 pounds, and by the end of the week I actually felt fantastic!

francois said...

Hello Alachia. Been a while I didn't check your blog. Smiled and laughed at each post. Sincerely, merci :)

"I really want to lose about 5lbs."

Hmm, last time I checked your different body parts I thought the 3D modelling was pretty pretty good. I really like your flicker set, makes me think of the original Alien, you never completely see the beast ant it's much more terrifying like that ... obviously, here, in a cuter way... ^^

Focusing back on your "- 5 lbs quest"

Is it really "weight" you want to get rid of or fat (as "body fat percentage")? You said you're craving for salt, this increases your body weight directly:

That said my Grand Method for losing fat is directly inspired from MMORPG mechanics. Do'h!

Let's call it on the flight the "ISH" method (you probably know most of it)

1) Indicators
2) Social
3) Haste

Depending on the situation the first one or two steps are sufficient. Combining the 3 steps together just can't fail.

1) Indicators

Players like seeing their character stats quantified and always progressing which gives them the frequent feedback and reward to continue their behavior accordingly.

Track your weight DAILY (before breakfeast) on a website like or others (it needs to be visual)

I've tried it on me and some of my work colleagues (they hate me) and it just *works* IF you continue to input your weight every day.
Of course you'll see daily variations (signal noise, ups and downs) but you'll clearly see the trend after few days : this is the daily quest reward.
People who can easily track their home energy consumption report the same thing: the simple fact to be aware of the indicators frequently enough change people behaviors.

I wish our IRL life had more MMORPG-like indicators.

2) Social

We are social animals (:/) and it even influences our weight big time:

Join a "guild" or have some "friends" who'll be able to see your stats. Meaning on site like traineo add "friends" (ie motivators). I'm myself on the "- 5 lbs quest" ;)

3) Haste

Going on diet, our ADN software sees it and switches to economy making it hard and inefficient to lose important chunks of weight. The only way to override this is to make it clear that our physical activity justifies not going into "economy".

Practicing a "sport" 2 to 3 times per week (dancing and bouncing eveywhere is good too if you sweat ^^). That way we increase our energy consumption at rest (or increasing our metabolism our "Haste" stat if you prefer).

I've tried many sports. The most time/efficiency for me is running. Just need to put my joggs, sync my iPod and run whenever I want (there's nothing like a good sweat for me).

It also gives me time to listen to plenty of interesting podcasts. As I began exploring MMORPG a year ago I remember well running along with *you* in "How I Wow" n°15

I still think it's the most interesting and authentic piece I heard on the social aspect of MMOs/Metaverses (and I heard and read *a lot*...). Merci again.

You see, this just how you get a frenchy cheesy spam on your blog. Do'h!



PS: time for a quick random pug on my resto drood and some metagaming experiments ;)

Alachia said...

@strumpet okay the GM diet seems more doable than the the detox but still seems rough!

@francois that is hilarious and interesting. Step 1 I'm doing already. I weigh myself every day and have used the Wii Fit to gauge my BMI which is about 20.6 on the worst day.

I think I fail at part 2.. social although I'm working on it.

Part 3 I've set up recently with either walking an hour a day or dancing for 10 minutes.

francois said...

" Step 1 I'm doing already. I weigh myself every day and have used the Wii Fit to gauge my BMI which is about 20.6 on the worst day."

Judging by your morphology it's a good healthy BMI IMO. You can also automatically calculate it yourself in a spreadsheet too:

I also have a wii and wii fit but it's gathering dust.

" I think I fail at part 2.. social although I'm working on it."

Be sure we'll follow your progress closely ^^ but I still think a "web2.0" website dedicated to health/sport is best way to go (they even estimate calories you burn while playing wii or give you a widget for your blog oO).

"Part 3 I've set up recently with either walking an hour a day or dancing for 10 minutes."

I think 10 minutes is too short. You could go for 30 minutes and have few days off.

An hour walking sounds good if it's fast paced. If you already take this time (assuming it's not in a shopping center, cough...) you should try to alternate with short light runs (maybe like walk 10 mn, light run 5 mn, etc, don't try too hard, just listen to your body). And, as a bonus, I'm sure your farting pet will appreciate some challenging exercise ;)

Since I'm not sure you're motivated be sure to put some energizing music ^^

But well, maybe you can also motivate yourself through your "Intelect". This podcast is often interesting:

If you want to cut on your candy try to make your own smoothies (it's smooth and naturally sugary).

I love them, always improvising with random fruits, vegs, nuts and soja milk for me but you can of course follow Eliti Smoothers recipies:

Actually videoejug is an awsome "howto" general video site. I've stumbled on this "how to" (cough) and the way they present our French specialty is absolutely awsome. I need no more proof that God is indeed English. I'll reroll British at my next reincarnation ^^

Bye Alachia.