New Year’s Resolutions I will Break

Here are my New Year’s resolutions I made knowing I will break them:

1. Learn to be optimistic

2. Drink less Diet Sunkist

3. Stay on top of my blogs and other projects

4. Get on a normal sleeping schedule

5. Quit WoW

And here are the New Year’s resolutions I plan on keeping:

1. Dance at least 10 minutes or walk 45 minute every day

2. Learn more about photography

3. Dedicate more time to the people I care about

4. Be nicer

5. Appreciate my life


AzyxA said...

Yeah, I would be very surprised if I started seeing less cans of Diet Sunkist in your flickr photos ;)

And what's up with the quitting WoW resolution!?

Alachia said...

@azyxa- I guess I should have just said "Quit regularly raiding" and why? because I don't find it worth setting aside as much time as I do per week anymore. Too many great games coming out and lots of other things I'd love to do. WoW though I still like a lot. I just might like it more with an extended break from raiding...aka several months.