Pieces of Me

I am there. I am here. I have been here for so long. I’m accessible. You can read me, see me, hear me, reach me whenever you want. It’s almost impossible for me to hide.

But you, you’re out there and I’ve got to do all the work. I have to dig, I have to search, and break my nails scratching. You think this is a fair relationship? It’s not. Pieces of me are scattered everywhere. I’m exposed.

It’s not fair to pretend like we’re on even ground. Friendships and relationships don’t get to just happen when it’s convenient for you, when you decide you need pieces of my soul.

So much of me over the years has wanted to lock it all up so you don’t get the advantage every time. So that I’m not so predictable and easy to read…so that you can’t use my weaknesses against me. It’s really not fair.

I feel like I’m the only one standing here naked and I don’t know why I just don't cover up and go back inside.

Mystery Science Theater Bindpoint

I ended up watching the first episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and really hated it. It took me a few hours after watching it to process just how awful the show was. I went into bindpoint and was going on and on about all the things that I couldn’t believe was in this show.

I saw the first preview for this show in the theater when I went to go see 2012 back in the fall. It looked like a 300 knockoff but seemed like it could be promising. I swear though, within the first three minutes of the episode, you can tell it’s going to be bad.

Anyhow, I begged a few of them to watch it just to confirm I wasn’t just being overly critical. On a whim @celticlucas checked to see if it was Netflix. It was so he and @jaminbee started watching it. Celtic wanted to turn it off within the first ten minutes but he was encouraged by us to keep going…because “it gets so much worse".”

It’s just one of those types of pilot episodes that has so many wrong things about it that it’s hard to sum it up in just a few words. It had bad acting, bad plots, bad costumes, bad cgi, bad set design, bad directing, ill-placed boobs and sex, and corny blood splatter. It’s what you’d have expected the movie 300 to look like if it had been a B-movie.

The great thing though was that it was hilarious to watch together with commentary in bindpoint. I was laughing so hard my face hurt. We even waited for @azyxa and @suzuaara to watch the first episode before we went on to watch the following episode all together….where we were greeted with a sausage extravaganza and weird warm up sex with slaves. Over all the second episode was incredibly boring compared to the first which had way more fucked up scenes to laugh at.

It was really fun being able to share my misery with them. lol. I’m hoping we can do it more often. I wish there was a way to stream movies in sync.

Here’s a snippet of our chat from last night:

***WoWast: Bindpoint Channel***
***Scroll Mouse over text box to pause scrolling***
(9:25:07 PM) Alachia: shoulda counted boobs
(9:25:14 PM) CelticLucas: hah
(9:25:21 PM) CelticLucas: all of those togas are wrong, btw
(9:25:35 PM) jaminbee: all drunk out of their minds
(9:25:37 PM) CelticLucas: man, they loooove the C word dont they
(9:25:39 PM) Rishal: Make a game of how many boobs there are?
(9:25:46 PM) jaminbee: did they even have the word cunt back then?
(9:25:52 PM) Alachia: good question
(9:25:52 PM) Rishal: No.....
(9:25:54 PM) CelticLucas: nope
(9:25:56 PM) jaminbee: to many to count rish
(9:25:59 PM) jaminbee: tits that is
(9:26:01 PM) Rishal: Drinking game, then
(9:26:03 PM) jaminbee: no dick yet though
(9:26:05 PM) CelticLucas: i just saw like 235 tits
(9:26:22 PM) jaminbee: now thats a drinking game
(9:26:26 PM) Rishal: Every time you see tits, take a shot. You'd be drunk 15 minutes in, I guess.
(9:26:29 PM) CelticLucas: not 236, because that one chick only had one boob out
(9:26:33 PM) jaminbee: 2 mins
(9:26:34 PM) CelticLucas: not even rish, first sex scene is at 6 minutes
(9:26:46 PM) Rishal: Good to know.
(9:27:20 PM) Rishal: Did they have the word "fuck" back then? NO!
(9:27:27 PM) CelticLucas: actually they did
(9:27:52 PM) CelticLucas: it wasnt fuck this it was more like 'i will penetrate you'
(9:28:01 PM) Rishal: Ha ha!
(9:28:10 PM) Alachia: hahah
(9:28:16 PM) jaminbee: oh my god
(9:28:19 PM) jaminbee: "kill them all"!
(9:28:36 PM) CelticLucas: and, there goes an arm
(9:28:38 PM) jaminbee: suddenly filled with anger and strength, kicks the shit out of everything
(9:28:45 PM) Alachia: latin futuo, to prick
(9:28:54 PM) Alachia: hehe
(9:28:57 PM) CelticLucas: lol
(9:29:01 PM) CelticLucas: exactly, alachia
(mouse over the chat box to stop text from scrolling up)

Wolf Moon

On the way home from eating at Taint’s house Friday, I noticed the moon was brilliant and clear. It was a bright, surreal wolf moon out and it looked amazing.

When I got home I pulled out my camera and tripod and headed outside to my driveway. I had a thick jacket on, knitted hat, and scarf to keep me warm. I was ready to capture this glorious bright moon.

Turns out out I made a fatal photo error. I didn’t know my camera! I totally could not figure out how to set the exposure. I fidgeted with the flashlight trying to keep it on the camera menu screen. It was nearly 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius) outside. I forgot to put on gloves.

The thing about me is that my body completely shuts down when I get cold. This happens at excessive speeds. After playing around with the camera for five minutes, my fingers were piercing cold. I felt like if I hit them on anything, they’d shatter. I couldn’t even get the camera to take a picture of my freaky tree without using the flashlight. Damn exposure setting!!! I ended up going “fuck it! I’m dying!” and ran inside.

It took me nearly 15 minutes to recover I was shaking so bad. I eventually found the manual to the camera but even after reading up on exposures, I could not will myself to go back out into the cold. Next time I won’t forget my gloves.

The sucky thing is I missed my opportunity to take a good picture of the full moon. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next one to try again.

Hey Cupcake!

Hey Cupcake, originally uploaded by alachia.

In about 4 locations around Austin, there are these shiny silver airstreams that are parked in various places that just serve cupcakes called hey cupcake! I have been meaning to stop by and try one out. They are supposed to be the best cupcakes in Austin.

Well after dinner tonight at Taint and Tivi's, Tivi pulled out a suprise dessert, cupcakes from hey cupcake!

They totally look delicious but I will have to report that I was extremely dissapointed. Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines have nothing to fear. Not only did they all kind of have a hint of coconut (yuck) flavor, they were barely sweet or not sweet enough for my tastes. It was like eating a healthy muffin. If this is what cupcakes taste like in the UK, I can see why Jeppy doesn't understand my obsession with cupcakes. bleh. meh.

But they sure do look pretty. I didn't have my camera on me so I had to user her Nikon D90 which I am not used to anymore especially with the crazy zoom 2.8 lens. My pics of the cupcakes weren't as noteworthy as I would have liked. I think I'm still more disappointed about the taste than the pics though. :)

Soul Jar with Your Name on it

I keep wondering if excessive connections and accessibility is a good thing or bad thing. Because we have the tools to connect so easily it definitely begs the question of “should we?”

The issue I have with it is that it creates these false readings of relationships. Sure someone is twittering to “you” that they went out for a cup of coffee or posting to “you” that they got engaged or showing “you” a video of their baby walking for the first time. These are all intimate bits of a person’s life they are sharing with “you”…so it’s easy to think you’ve developed an intimate relationship with them. But the problem is that they’re not really engaging with “you.”

The ugly truth is that we’re all throwing our voices out there in hopes that someone gives a shit. Some intentions are far more selfish and glory whoring than others but odds are if you put yourself on the net, you at least have an inkling of self-importance that you think what you have to say should be put out there. And sadly, so many really don’t do any of this to make real connections. Or maybe I just have a fucked up definition of connections and relationships.

I have a hard time grasping onto casual acquaintances and casual friendships. For me, I love to dig deep into a person. If I find a friendship I fall in love with, I dig and dig and crawl my way past a person’s skin until I’m inside them. If I believed in a soul, I’d ultimately want to tear it out and put it in a jar for myself to keep always. That is the type of bond I seek. It’s also why it’s so devastating when they fall apart.

But this new generations of connections has me so confused. We probably share more with each other and put ourselves out there more than ever before. However, I keep wondering if these types of connections actually hinder us from digging deeper. We are so obsessed with sharing ourselves and keeping the flow of information streaming that it doesn’t seem to matter if truly gets absorbed just as long as it’s out there. And maybe that is enough?

And then I think, is the communication and information people giving really more than surface, shallow banter? I just want to scream sometimes when I see people barely sharing a few @replies on twitter or facebook for the first time deluding themselves into thinking they are now best friends. Those aren’t real connections, those aren’t real relationships right? Maybe I’m the one who is delusional here. In a world of excess, why can’t I get enough?

How TV Night works

TV Night, originally uploaded by alachia.

Every Thursday was our tv night last fall. We were keeping up on a weekly schedule with the latest episodes that season. Our line up was Glee, SGU, Lie to Me, V, and Grey's Anatomy.

I used to be the one who would pick which one we would watch first but then they all started to debate on which shows were better starters and which were better finishers. There's nothing worse than ending tv night on a bad episode after all. :)

So I devised the good old fashion method of the blind draw. I made little paper notes of each show and folded them up and stuck them in an old plastic cup. Everyone but me would then get a chance to draw at random the show we would watch. It was all diplomatic and stuff.

It didn't really get rid of the flaw of having bad show enders but it at least took out the blame game for sour episode picks. The new tv season doesn't really pick up again until April so we might have to change our line up if we want to continue tv nights this spring.

Bread, Butter, and Jam Slam

Last night after Avatar IMAX I was a starvin’ marvin! I was so hungry during the film because I didn’t get to eat lunch and was expecting to eat an early dinner.

Sahd and I stopped by Kerbey Lane for dinner on the way back from the movie which is one of those awesome 24/7 joints in Austin. I love the place a lot because it really fits the Austin vibe and did I mention it was 24/7?

Flipmax and I usually hit that joint for late night meals. Pretty cool joint where the manager comes out wearing a black hoodie, has two tatoo sleeves down his arm, and a nose piercing. He came to our table in front of our waiter and says, “Hi, I am the manager. I wanted to tell you how sorry we are that we are out of Portabella mushrooms. Would you like to substitute for something else?” Heh. even in the fanciest restaurants here, you’ll see people with tats, piercings, sandals, and shorts. And for some reason it’s not trashy but hippie chic or something.

Anyhow, I digress. I was so hungry. I ordered a diet coke and an appetizer of queso, chips, and salsa to begin with. I ate pretty much half of that before my meal came out. I had ordered a Denver omelet with egg beater substitute and a short stack of blueberry pancakes served with sugar-free syrup.

I ate half of the omlet and half of the pancakes and was plenty full by then. However, I noticed Sahd didn’t touch his spanish rice so I gobbled a couple of spoonfuls of that. By this time, I had drank three glasses of diet coke refills and was at my threshold for intake.

However I did not stop there. I saw Sahd wasn’t going to eat his Texas toast so I snagged that. I love toast. I usually order the toast and rice combo instead of the pancakes but they usually give you cold shitty butter to go with the toast which is a pain to spread and usually tears up your toast. With the pancakes, they give you that nice awesome whipped soft butter. I used that on his toast and spread strawberry jam over it and it was glorious!!! I LOVE toast with butter and jam on it.

UNFORTUNATELY, my body is not accustomed to eating that much food so this morning, I woke up with the worst heartburn ever. This used to happen to me a lot when I would cook spaghetti. I loved it so much I would binge on it and get painful heartburn all night and morning. The worst part about it all is that I am craving a diet coke and toast now but can’t allow myself anything but water until the pain goes away.

Sod’s Law

Bitchfest warning**** Okay, the warning has been given. I had one of those awful days that just drain every particle of energy out of you. My work is a constant stress ball for me. People always give me grief for working at home. They think it’s a cake walk. I’ve talked about it before. The benefits are great but when you’re coordinating with a home office 300 miles away, it can be crazy sometimes.

Miscommunication happens a lot and I’m often out of the loop. Technology is also lagging quite a bit so I tend to have a lot of network issues. Today was no exception. My connection to the SonicWall VPN went tits ups as the British would say.

I called the main office for help but aside from a billion reboots and a few re-installs there wasn’t much that could be done. Of course this all goes down during crunch week. We have a major deadline this week and I can’t access the network. And just for kicks, it happens yesterday evening!!

Yesterday evening was the one weeknight in forever we had all planned to do something together. We were supposed to meet up at 5pm and go out to eat before hitting up IMAX3D Avatar. I even had Sahd leave work early to come pick me up so we could be early for dinner.

Well I was stuck on the phone with 15 minute windows reboots between re-installs until almost 6pm. I had to miss dinner and barely made it to the theater. The VPN still doesn’t work at this point. I’m not sure what I’m going to do besides mail off my laptop to the main office. The crazy thing is that my exact words to the guys on Friday was, “We should go see the Friday night showing of Avatar on the IMAX.” And they were like, “it’s too late, why not wait till Monday evening like we planned?” And I said, “We should go see it now. You never know. Shit might come up Monday.”

Sure enough shit has exploded all over the place. And the worst part about it all is that I was really looking forward to the eating out part all day. I have already seen Avatar so that wasn’t a big deal to see it again. We were only going to see it because Tivi hasn’t seen it yet and we thought we’d try the IMAX this time.

On top of that, I got a call from my friend with some RL shit that went down that wasn’t too good. It’s a pretty disappointing situation. Oh yeah, also found out this weekend my favorite teacher from HS died from cancer. Gunk and Funk, this week is going to be amazing. It can only go up from here right?


My mother is extremely even tempered. Even when she’s really mad or annoyed, she tends to not raise her voice or enrage. I take after my father who always sounds like he’s arguing because he raises the pitch of his voice during every discussion. I wish I was more like my mother.

I like the character of women who are refined and have beautiful personalities. They are so gracious and loving in how they present themselves. Sometimes they get pegged as brainless or mindless. After all, anyone who can’t express passion for something is probably a drone right? I don’t think so.

I think there is a way you can train yourself to behave and act in a certain way and yet still feel strongly about things. I have not mastered this art yet. I get so heated by the slightest things. As soon as I am attached to an idea or ideal it shoots through my veins and becomes uncontrollable. My voice goes up and my words stumble all over each other and I often sound like a totally crude man in a bar when I’m invested in what I’m talking about.

Sometimes I am able to control my tone but the majority of the time I’m cursing like a sailor and blurting out like a rabid animal. It’s not pretty. This year I’m going to try and re-work my behavior patterns and see if I can’t behave a little more refined.. at least some of the time.

Dust Collector

Bleh, I’m in my reclusive state again. I hate being like this but it’s sort of my way of protecting people around me from my disease of utter apathy. Studies say that your mood can greatly effect the mood of people around you. This is why they say you should surround yourself around optimistic pleasant folks. heh. Also, I fucking can’t stand it when people see me like this and thoughtlessly say, “cheer up!” GAH!

I’ve just been sinking into this hole of sheer indifference. Everything is meh and I’m uninspired by life at the moment. I keep hoping it will pass and I can return to some semblance of normalcy. More than anything right now, my brain has been in over drive trying to figure out how I find myself in this state of mind. It happens about once or twice a year and seems to last longer and longer each time.

One of the things I kept going over and over again was that maybe I keep putting my life in crazy scopes of perspective. Where am I? Who am I? Should I be here? Is this where I belong? Was this my path? What’s the point? What’s the point? What’s the point?

When I look at my life in the present, I feel like it’s been neatly glassed in and put on a shelf. Sure there are other lovely things on the shelf next to you and you get to see a few things as they pass by the window. In this box, my life is safe, it won’t be broken or tattered or get too dirty. The depressing part though is that in the larger perspective, that’s all my life will ever be… a dust collector.

Have I come to terms with this life? People always say you have a choice but the truth is that at a certain point you have to own up to the fact that life can not remain an infinite stream of possibilities. I guess as you see those possibilities dwindle as an adult, it can be quite depressing. And if you’re me, which sucks, you have such a low outlook on everything that it’s so hard to see the opportunities that are still there. And worst, you don’t care and that’s the part that sucks the most.

If someone were to observe the grief I have over the indifference to my life they’d probably ask, “so what do you want to do? What would make you happy? Maybe you should pursue things in life that will inspire you.” And that’s the scariest freaking part. My answer would be, “I’m not all together sure if anything or any lifestyle or anyone can make me care. I am numb.” What if the numbness consumes me? That freaks me out the most.


I’ve been ill lately. Usually when I get sick (aka allergies/sinus cold) it takes me months to recover. I’ll have moments of clarity where I think I’m over it and then bam, I wake up the next day and I can’t breathe and I go through a box of tissues trying to keep my brain from leaking out of my nose.

If my body stays at a certain blood pressure level, I tend to be okay and can breathe properly with a few sniffles. During sleep time however, my blood pressure plummets and my nose stops functioning correctly.

The really unfortunate side effect of an illness that afflicts the nose is that it’s directly associated with ears and throat. So now I have a sore throat and my inner ears are itchy. It’s a mess and I feel like I want to dive into a sea of nyquil jello.

I am the perpetually sick girl. It sucks. Having these kinds of ailments doesn't mean I get to be sick, lay in bed, and not function till I’m better. It means I have to do normal things and cope with the effects of the illness all day long whenever they hit.

I know there are worse things to complain about but I can’t help but be totally envious of people who never have allergies or sinus issues. The not breathing bit is quite a bitch.

The Sanctuary

Shady Cat, originally uploaded by alachia.

I definitely did not wake up on the "good attitude" side of the bed today. I've been in one of my nihilistic, cynical, wtf is the point to anything moods. BUT instead of dwelling on that, I'll use the mundane task of my new office curtains to help deflect my negativity.

I've been meaning to install curtains in my office since I painted the room and set the projector up. The cellular shades in my office window are light filtering and not light canceling like the ones in the guest bedrooms (you get to sleep till noon here without daylight nuisance as a guest). However, that means I can't use my projector during the day because there's just too much light coming through.

So I set out to Bed Bath and Beyond today to figure out how to handle my light problem. I had bought curtains last week but even with the cellular shades down and the curtain, there was still too much light coming through...damn that death star.

The solution after debating and pacing around the store for like an hour was the dual curtain rod system. This allows you to hang the curtain you like on the outside and put a liner on the inside. Liners are hella expensive though so instead I bought Eclipse Light canceling curtains. I won't know until tomorrow at noon if they work properly. If three layers of blockage doesn't shut out the light, I will brick in my windows. lol.

I also installed my bulletin board next to my desk. I think I'm going to print out pics of friends and tac them to the board. I also thought about making a personalized calendar to hang as well. Yup, these are the things I use to distract myself from myself.

My office is kind of my sanctuary. I'm literally in here like 12-14 hours of the day. Adding little things to it to make it more homey makes me feel better...well that and my space heater. :D

From Here to There to Anywhere

Another insomniac night. I’m just glad I have a job where I don’t pay the ultimate price to badly for it. I don’t know what it is but I am crazy, crazy addicted to surfing the internet. It’s always been my guilty pleasure. I am addicted to information. It would be a bit more awesome though if I were addicted to good information.

Most people I know surf the net by checking sites they have bookmarked or searching for something specific. I start out that way. I click on a cnn.com and the next thing you know, I’m reading about how satellite’s work, then searching star constellations, then looking up some popular name mentioned, then somehow I’m in the gossip news looking at the latest Brangelina news. I might see some interesting picture and then I’m looking up a related movie it reminded me of only to check out the book it was based on and get motivated by reading about the author about some point in history.

I then spend another hour reading about a particular point in American History and that turns into trying to research how steel is made which leads to a search about synthetic chemicals and bam I’m on a website about how the brain works! Of course, on that page will be an ad that reminds me I was meaning to look up a trailer to a movie which I go watch. And that gets me to thinking of a song I wanted to check the lyrics for and that leads to another round about read on the history of the Beetles.

A short mention of another name in that era leads me on a search for painting by Andy Warhol and suddenly I’m researching the alleged love affair between Bob Dylan and Edie Sedgwick which for no logical reason at all reminds me I wanted to see who won the Biggest Loser TV show that season. And of course that leads to a research on past contestants and that branches into a lengthy read on yo-yo detox diets.

I get bored of reading about diets and then I’m on apple trailers where I see a trailer for a documentary which I research and it ends up being about a love triangle online that leads to murder. I then spend the next 30 minutes try to find images of the deceiving woman involved.

I can’t get enough. Having the general knowledge of everything at your fingertips is incredible. The sad thing is that at the end of a couple hours of surfing, I’m really not better for it. Sometimes knowledge without action is the same as ignorance.

Beauty is on the Outside

I never get the beauty is on the inside thing. I think people mix up beauty and personality. Personality does not make you physically beautiful the last time I checked. I’ve met some really unattractive people with hearts of gold and yet this does not magically make them appear like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to me. They’re still not attractive.

And that’s the bitcher isn’t it? You were born a certain way and you were either born drop dead gorgeous, mildly attractive, decent, average, tolerable, or ass ugly. I realize thought that most of those definitions are defined by social conditioning. Regardless of where our definition of beauty comes from though, you can’t really help how you were born… or can you?

I was reading this article today about plastic surgery and the pros and cons regarding the social acceptance and stigma of altering your natural state. A lot of people say they hate the idea of plastic surgery and yet are the first to oogle at Hollywood’s finest. And when you point out to them that “beauty” was manufactured under thousands of dollars of knife work, they tend to go into denial.

There are dozens of pics out there of plastic surgery gone wrong and the painfully obvious images of Hollywood starlets who went under too many times. But at the same time, there are many of countless people we see in the media that are just stunning and you would never have guessed they had their nose slightly turned up or their eyebrows lifted, or their boob augmented.

It’s like we take comfort in thinking that we can differentiate natural beauty from synthetic beauty. Why? Is it much different than a girl or boy getting braces as a child? The teeth are naturally crooked, why not let them stay twisted? How’s that different than being born with an unusually long chin or a crooked nose? I’m not sure.

For the longest time, I’ve contemplated the idea of breast augmentation to fit in with the standard curves of females. However, as time kept going by, I’ve gotten accustomed to my flat-chested form. I’m not even sure I’d appreciate boobage at this point in my life. I kind of like having a boyish figure. But on occasion when I see pics of Meagan Fox or some other such Maxim spread, I get that itch in the back of my head again….

Salt, Tomatoes, and Icecream Cake

I looked into doing detox diets yesterday but then realized they’re all basically starvation diets. F that noise. I really want to lose about 5lbs. The ultimate problem is that I’m in love with candy and I got a shit ton of it for Christmas. I have a major oral fixation and it usually leads to a ton of snacking.

I went out to eat with Flipmax yesterday and we stopped by Central Market on the way back. I picked up a lot of fruit like grapes and bananas. I also decided to try and see if I couldn’t curb some snacking hunger with some cherry tomatoes.

Today I took a few and put them in my mug and poured boiling water over them. I don’t like eating cold food and I thought boiling them might soften them up a bit too. I then sprinkled sea salt on them and gobbled them up. Over all, I’d say this snack is quite a success minus the fact that I got salt grains all over my desk.

Of course, after eating all the cherry tomatoes, I was still craving salt so I started to pour the salt in my hand and lick it up. This would have been fine had I not overdone it. Now I can’t feel my tongue. In order to remedy this, I went downstairs and ate a no-sugar added light ice cream sandwich. DOH. Oh well. I tried.

I then decided to go ahead and make another ice cream cake since I had the ice cream sandwiches out. This recipe is diabetic friendly and quite delicious. I changed it up a bit though and added fresh strawberries instead of the chocolate cookie wafers. The hardest part about the recipe is finding freezer storage for it.

I’m still a bit hungry but I think I’ll chew on some gum…which of course will stir up my digestive juices and I’ll be more hungry soon! Thank god it’s almost dinner time.

Bad Hair Day

I’ve been trying to keep up with the nobs blog stuff. Problem is I don’t know what to write. I have a lot of feelings and emotions but nothing really happens to me. There’s not a lot to say at times. And usually when there is a lot going on, I’m too busy to write… like during the holidays.

I guess I could talk about my hair and how it’s been annoying me. I’ve been growing it out to donate to Locks for Love. Seems like a simple way to help out and I like knowing someone might be happier because of it. However, in true spoiled fashion, I’m not a fan of growing my hair down past my nipples. Sorry there isn’t a better marker description for me. My hair is extremely thick and straight.

I’m always envious of other people's ability to do shit with their hair. My hair is either down and in my face or up in a bun clip thingy. Anyways, I’m at that point where I like to cut my hair but can’t because it’s not long enough. It has to be 10” to donate. When I take the scissors to it, I’m going to cut it at shoulders length so it has to be 10 inches past my shoulders. I’d say it’s about 6.5 to 7 inches past my shoulders at the moment. A few more months to go probably depending on my hair growth cycle.

Wow. this was a ridiculously boring post. Maybe I’ll go burn pieces of my hair for fun now. It’s crazy how fast hair burns.

Eat myself to Happiness

Cup-a-soup, originally uploaded by alachia.

Having a low-self esteem day today. This of course translates into excessive eating. I've been eating non stop today to satiate my appetite for destruction.

I've been trying to go after healthier foods though as to not do too much damage. So far not much success. I've gone through several handful of nerds, starbursts, and Nutrigrain bar. I was hoping this cup-a-soup would top me off because it was warm and supposed to be comforting.

But now I'm craving ice cream. And if I indulge myself, I'll feel even worse...so I must refrain. It's one of those bury yourself deep into the couch days.

Last Pic of Tivi

Tivi on the Move, originally uploaded by alachia.

for two months....

So I made the mistake of making a bet with Tivi, my brother's girlfriend. I said that if she got on the Wii Fit board and did her wii fit test and wasn't "underweight," I'd stop trying to photograph her for two months!

Well after prying her for an hour, we finally got her to do it. She was just above underweight in the low marker of Normal but DRATS, now I can't take pics of her. She hates having her photo taken but I like taking pics of everyone.

What really sucks is that I just got a new camera that can finally keep up with her elusive maneuvers to avoid the snapshot! Come March she's in trouble!

New Year’s Resolutions I will Break

Here are my New Year’s resolutions I made knowing I will break them:

1. Learn to be optimistic

2. Drink less Diet Sunkist

3. Stay on top of my blogs and other projects

4. Get on a normal sleeping schedule

5. Quit WoW

And here are the New Year’s resolutions I plan on keeping:

1. Dance at least 10 minutes or walk 45 minute every day

2. Learn more about photography

3. Dedicate more time to the people I care about

4. Be nicer

5. Appreciate my life