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Tumble on Down

Who knew that something as simple as direct use-ability would make all the difference in the mentality of blog posting? There is something about Tumblr that just screams, "click here and blurb real quick, kk?"

As opposed to all the other bloggings sites I've used before with the exception of Live Journal which had this awesome desktop client that was super easy to use. Blogger just always made me feel like I had to have a purpose for writing and so it would weigh on my mind about what to post and then I wouldn't.

I think it's pretty evident in the amount of posts I've done...in the first month of using Tumblr, I've made 107 posts as opposed to the 87 posts I did here in blogger for the WHOLE of last year! I know, crazy.

Anyhow, as long as I can survive the tumbeasts while Tumblr figures out how to keep their servers up, I'll probably mostly be on tumblr.


Happy META Birthday to Me!

Yes, Birthdays are a big thing for me. I don't know why. I guess because my parents always made such a big deal out of them since I turned one. So I always get super excited on my birthday even though growing up has started sucking. lol.

This year's birthday has been super special. The lovely birthday wishes from my twitter friends..people who I haven't even said hello to yet before just meant so much to me.

And my dearest meta friends sent me this amazing audio recording that just touched me soooo deeply. I don't normally get emotional about these sort of things but this just left me near tears. Gah, age has made me a weaker bot! I need a reboot! hehehe.

A super special THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BLACK HEART to @Chewyfruitloop, @Strumpet101, @Jemimus, @Kichelle, @Ejji_Happens, @Phoenix 1914

Happy Birthday Alachia mp3



Christmas Eve

Sitting here, doped up on all sorts of cold medications with my laptop on my lap and my little Daisy girl snuggled up to the left of me. My parents actually put up a Christmas tree this year so I'm happy. I should be tired by now since I took a lot of medication that's supposed to make me drowsy but even Valium didn't make me sleepy so this measly Nyquil stuff probably won't do much. Maybe I'm also just a bit excited about Christmas tomorrow.

I'm not sure why Christmas is still a big thing for me. You'd think I would have grown out of it by now but I still get quite a rush on Christmas morning. And even though I can buy all the presents for myself now, I still love unwrapping gifts from friends and family. I guess I like the idea of giving a lot.

This year, I don't think I deserve any presents after the shit I put everyone in my life through. But my therapist says it's not good to put the blame of your psychological issues on you as if you had a choice to be this way etc. It's just hard not to accept the blame sometimes though. Everyone does it to an extent when things go wrong in their life.

I can't say I'm sad to see this year come to an end though. While it was an interesting learning and growing experience, I'm ready to move on and stop the stalling and start the "becoming".. etc. My biggest goal for next year is to self-actuate and stop being so dependent on the approval and happiness of people in my life.. especially my family. I have to really learn how to let go of the negativity from other people NOT being okay with my choices and my ideas.

I also need to learn how to let go of the negative in my life, let it pass and not dwell in it till I get super pruny from sadness. That's the beauty of the Lexapro drug I've been taking. It's like I can see the sadness and the negative thoughts.. but for some reason, this drug inhibits me from attaching myself to them. They exist but they don't suffocate me like they used to. I hate that I'm medicated but hell if it gets me through the day without wanting to jump in front of a train, I'll take it.

Okay, just realized this post wasn't very Christmas cheerful. I guess I'm not super cheerful in text always. But if you could see me right now, I'm doing a little couch dance and humming We Wish You a Merry Christmas...but in a drugged up, stuffy sort of way. *achoooo* excuse me.

Guess I better try to rest a bit since Christmas is just around the clock. Hopefully I won't be too bunged up for tearing open presents tomorrow.

Here's to the 5 year old kid in all of us! cheers. Merry Christmas!

I want 1/10th my brother’s ego


Had to share this dream my brother had the other night that exemplifies what an ego he has. It’s not just an act, it’s deep within his psyche.

So in his dream, he went to work and they said they were going to lay off the bottom 18 people developers in the company (he’s a programmer). And he was told he was in that group and that he would be laid off.

He was like “F- that! They can’t fire me! I’m one of their best devs.” etc. So as he was walking out of the building, he said to himself, “no, this is impossible. I could never get fired. This is a dream. I’m going to fly.”

And then he heaved himself into the air and started flying.


How to Raise the Perfect Dog

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This book is by the "dog whisperer" and was given to me by my brother once I got Daisy. He had already read the thing start to finish. At first, I was pretty skeptical because all his puppy examples really showed just positive outcomes but what I wanted to learn was how to deal with the ones that don't respond to the lessons.

A couple of 5am reading sessions while up with Daisy and I learned quite a bit about the way we handle dogs. The most important lesson is that dogs are not toddlers. Cesar basically explains that if you treat your dog like a 2 year old, you will get one that acts like a two year old. You have to treat your puppy like a dog. It's an animal and its learning instincts are based on animal behaviors.

As a loving mommy of a uber uber uber cute puppy, it's difficult, but I have to stop myself from being the adoring mom and act like the pack leader. My discipline and training usually involves mimicking what would be her mother through repetition, silent stares, and assertive dominance.

So far it works but there are times I slip up and want to just reason with her like a four year old. It really sucks that she's so cute sometimes.


Daisy, originally uploaded by alachia.

They say you aren't supposed to just get a puppy to fix your life but I couldn't help it. I fell in love as soon as I saw her.

I found her last weekend online while surfing for Morkies after spending all day with Winnie. I've been thinking about her ever since I saw her picture. Finally Friday night, I couldn't resist anymore. That'll teach me to skip my therapy session.

She's ten weeks old and weighs 1.5 lbs. She is playful, loves cheerios, and is the definition of adorable.

You can tell she's mine cuz she's down with the Sunkist. lol. I put the can there to give scale. I'm not sure how big she'll get. She's probably going to be about 5lbs I think.

I know it's strange but she reminds me a lot of Qtpi. Her mannerism is very similar even though her size is not. Yesterday she got introduced to her cousin Winnie. Although she's only a quarter of Winnie's size, she ended up freaking her cousin out and chasing her around. It was the opposite of what we though would happen. Great, I'm raising the bully. lol.

Hopefully, they get used to each other and learn how to play nicely so that I can have some chillax time again. Right now, potty training is my first priority.

FYI, she did not drink any of my Diet Sunkist but she is being given sugar water to help prevent hypoglycemia since she's so little. So it's kind of like she's drinking soda water. :) That's my girl.

I might not have enough hard drive space for her pics.