Beauty is on the Outside

I never get the beauty is on the inside thing. I think people mix up beauty and personality. Personality does not make you physically beautiful the last time I checked. I’ve met some really unattractive people with hearts of gold and yet this does not magically make them appear like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to me. They’re still not attractive.

And that’s the bitcher isn’t it? You were born a certain way and you were either born drop dead gorgeous, mildly attractive, decent, average, tolerable, or ass ugly. I realize thought that most of those definitions are defined by social conditioning. Regardless of where our definition of beauty comes from though, you can’t really help how you were born… or can you?

I was reading this article today about plastic surgery and the pros and cons regarding the social acceptance and stigma of altering your natural state. A lot of people say they hate the idea of plastic surgery and yet are the first to oogle at Hollywood’s finest. And when you point out to them that “beauty” was manufactured under thousands of dollars of knife work, they tend to go into denial.

There are dozens of pics out there of plastic surgery gone wrong and the painfully obvious images of Hollywood starlets who went under too many times. But at the same time, there are many of countless people we see in the media that are just stunning and you would never have guessed they had their nose slightly turned up or their eyebrows lifted, or their boob augmented.

It’s like we take comfort in thinking that we can differentiate natural beauty from synthetic beauty. Why? Is it much different than a girl or boy getting braces as a child? The teeth are naturally crooked, why not let them stay twisted? How’s that different than being born with an unusually long chin or a crooked nose? I’m not sure.

For the longest time, I’ve contemplated the idea of breast augmentation to fit in with the standard curves of females. However, as time kept going by, I’ve gotten accustomed to my flat-chested form. I’m not even sure I’d appreciate boobage at this point in my life. I kind of like having a boyish figure. But on occasion when I see pics of Meagan Fox or some other such Maxim spread, I get that itch in the back of my head again….


Peteicus_X said...

I am not trying to be the grammar police, I would have to throw myself in jail... But this made me laugh: "...or their boob augmented." The thought of someone getting one boob jobbed:
"Wow, 4k to make both Cs huh? Hmmmm, how much for just the one?"

Size. Everyone is so focused on size. At least as a dude, if you have a smallish pecker, not everyone really just sees it. Flip side, even if you have a big dingdong, you can't just go around showing it to everyone. With women it's all way more apparent...Though, with boobs, small ones still look rad which is all boobs really have to do. A guy with a tiny pecker...well...ouch. I think it is safe to say no one wants that.

Alachia said...

@Pete not sure it's the same really. while some guys might prefer smaller chested women, the fact that you hardly see flat chested chics on magazines and playboy spreads is simple. boobs = sex appeal on women for men..well hell, even for women.

Peteicus_X said...

Yeah, my point isn't so much magazines. Especially mainstream. Mainstream "sex appeal," or the ideal, imo doesn't really exist. It is all shopped. My point is more the irony of each sex being focused on size... Where bigger is supposed to equal better. The part that...I dunno, I find amusing maybe, is that:

A guy with a small penis...kinda out of luck. There just isn't appeal for anyone really.

A woman with small breasts...They are still breasts and as such, they strike fear, awe and desire into the hearts of men everywhere women too really). Don't believe me? Flash yours sometime and watch jaws drop. Boobies are delicious. Little ones might not be featured in magazines as often as big ones, but it doesn't mean little ones don't stop traffic...or logical thought...because they do.

Renee said...

I understand your thinking. I used to look down upon people getting cosmetic surgery somewhat as fake or unnatural. But it is them doing something to feel better for themselves. So to each his own.

I have a metabolism condition that makes losing weight incredibly difficult so I have thought of going under the knife for surgery to take out all the excess. The only thing that stops me from doing so is the money. I don't have the extra funds for cosmetic surgery.

Thanks for being so real in your blog. It means a lot that somebody is still writing about what comes into their heart.

francois said...

"For the longest time, I’ve contemplated the idea of breast augmentation to fit in with the standard curves of females."

I hate this strange colored grease that "standardized" woman put on their lips (it tastes bad and makes me shiver). I find it ridiculous when they walk on high heels obviously without any respect for their own anatomy. Not mentioning all the time lost in front of a mirror. I always found my Ex beautiful in the early morning, scruffy and natural like a feline. Then came the make-up circus that she loves :(

Not everyone like standard. I find small or medium boobs more attractive than big ones. They also have two advantages. They don't bang around hurting other people while running and they get older in a much better way.

You're more Meta than Standard. You still feel this itch because of our "social animal" heritage (we couldn't survive without fitting in the local group).

We evolved to 1.5 billions connected different souls in a small world. You're particularly intelligent, witty and self-sufficient. Frack the "standard". You can afford it. Diversity is what makes a world interesting ^^


rackedout said...

@Peteicus. I don't think the "male equivalent" of breast size is penis size, but rather its height. There have been studies showing taller men tend to make more money, and even some that show women tend to be more attracted to men who are taller.

@Alachia. If you want the rack worked on, come over to Thailand. It might be cheaper to vacation here for two weeks and have the girls enhanced than it would be to just have the surgery there.

And as far as looks, I think boobs certainly can be an element of it. If a woman has a very attractive face, and a nice body, then sure having bigger boobs might be the difference between gracing the cover of a magazine or not.