Last Pic of Tivi

Tivi on the Move, originally uploaded by alachia.

for two months....

So I made the mistake of making a bet with Tivi, my brother's girlfriend. I said that if she got on the Wii Fit board and did her wii fit test and wasn't "underweight," I'd stop trying to photograph her for two months!

Well after prying her for an hour, we finally got her to do it. She was just above underweight in the low marker of Normal but DRATS, now I can't take pics of her. She hates having her photo taken but I like taking pics of everyone.

What really sucks is that I just got a new camera that can finally keep up with her elusive maneuvers to avoid the snapshot! Come March she's in trouble!


Peteicus_X said...

Shenanigans! She prolly had on heavy pants and shoes, cell and keys in her pockets, etc... And had she just eaten? If she just barely made it, I would demand a recount. Before dinner. And in light weight clothes and no shoes.

AzyxA said...

Just get Flip to catch her on film, and you won't be breaking your bet ;)