Tech Support!

This is my favorite scene in Vanilla Sky. I remember how it was one of those scenes that jolts you to your core because you realize how awkward and strange it is and at the same time powerfully sad. Not being built with appropriate emotional responses, I remember I laughed while watching him scream “Tech Support!” all over the building.

I wish my life was like this where you get to scream “tech support!” out loud and then you get helped by the corporation taking care of your mind and body. They come to you and tell you that this is just a dream and that one day you’ll wake up when you’re a better person and the world is better for you. But unfortunately, life isn’t a really surreal Tom Cruise movie.


chewyfruitloop said...

i actually used to do stuff like that...just go out in the woods or on the hills and scream or howl

its very cathartic

but when you scream for tech support for yourself ... you just get your friends.... will we do?

Robert said...

I think I would prefer having a schizoid embolism to a malfunctioning cryo-induced lucid dream/nightmare