by Kevin Mitchell

"Look at the bridge. You see the two towers?"- Jeppy
"yeah"- me
"You see how each of the tower carries the load of the structure equally?"-Jeppy
"yeah"- me
"That's what a real relationship should look like."- Jeppy
"that's awesome"- me

This Tower Bridge is now on the top of my list of places I want to go see. I hope to one day take my own photograph of this bridge and frame it to hang on my wall.

It's such beautiful, symbolic icon of what I've realized has made me fail so badly at relationships all my life and what I should always be striving for instead. You have to seek true balance and structure between both parties. Sure, there will always been imbalanced relationships and partial/quasi casual friendships.

Tower Bridge however is the epitome of an amazing friendship. It requires both parties to grow strong together and want to hold equal part in the relationship. You can't fake connections. You can't bypass the construction of the structure as much as you'd like to because then you just create something weak and temporary.

It's such a simple but beautiful concept of a partnership in any connection you have in life. Forget BFF! It's TBF! Tower Bridge Friends :)

I'm not exactly sure what it means to try to repair bridges that have long swept away though. Do we reconstruct from scratch or take a lesson in the fact that the relationship didn't have the structure it needed to begin with? I have an enormous amount of flaws. My emotional shortcomings prevent me from my own self-repair at times...... other than that, I'm not all together sure about much. I just know that relationships require a good sense of continual assurance which require a degree of emotional presence....get what you give...lalalalala. I'm working on it.



tfangel said...

That says it so well. I keep trying to say how people should be equals and play off each other's strengths in relationships, but your example is so much better. If you don't mind, i'm going to use that from now on. ;)

joebomb77 said...

I gave this some thought and I have to say that I agree somewhat with your analogy. Though I'm not sure that it's completely necessary for each person to hold their own in such a strict and unmoving way. Especially in a strong friendship/relationship it's very important for one person to be able to bear a greater part when needed. After all, we are not made of stone, nor always strong, no matter what we feel like at times. Our emotional ties need a little give and take. A little emotional wiggle room lol. Relationships need not always be so complex though, best not to overthink some of them ;)

Bibble said...

Adds additional meaning to the thought of burning your bridges. Visualize that bridge burning in the middle, separating the towers. It's kind of sad, especially when something so small can spark the fire.