The Scary Man's House

Joseph Andrew Stack Burnt House, originally uploaded by alachia.

On the way to Cirque De Solei Alegria, we had to pick up Tivi's niece to go to the show with us. She lived like two streets down from Joseph Andrew Stack, the guy who flew a plane into the Austin IRS office and wrote that manifesto.

I got a shot of his house which apparently he burnt down before he went off to commit suicide. Tivi's niece did not want to drive anywhere near the house. She kept saying, "don't got near the scary man's house!"

I had no idea he had burnt down his house first but there it was.. we even saw the front of the house later that night after we dropped off the little girl. It still had the police tape and everything.

Life is so fucked up sometimes. I don't even know if you could or should ever be able to explain it to a child... this is the world you're going to inherit.


mama of 3 said...

I worry for my kids every single day.

Alan / Falcon said...

Some people...


Look I'm all for simplifying the tax code and maybe moving to a Simple Tax instead of an Income Tax or something, but this is America, a democracy... and you don't destroy your house or set out to kill people because you didn't understand the system you live under!