2009 Spending Chart

2009 Spending Chart, originally uploaded by alachia.

I kind of freaked out when I went to look at my Spendature Analysis of my credit card. It seemed all excessive when you look at it all at once. I kept going OMG, I spent X amount of dollars at this place and how did I spend X amount here!!!?

In reality, it's not too bad. I spent about 30% of what I make per year which I was told isn't too bad. I don't pay cash for anything so except for my mortgage this is my full expenditure for the year of 2009.

I definitely see places I can cut costs though. I have way too many "extra services" charges for misc things here and there and I really need to stay the fuck away from Bed Bath and Beyond!! It's my credit card's arch nemesis apparently. LOL. Actually, I don't think it'd be that high if it weren't for the fact that the new house created a need for more household knick knacks.

The top 3 Merchandise Vendors were Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon.com, and Wal-Mart (Blizzard Entertainment was #7)

The top 3 Services charges went to T-Mobile, AC repair, and Home Inspections (from buying/selling a house last year)

I have no idea why Education is listed because that slice of the pie was from buying six John Mayer tickets. And the Government charges were UPS and Fed Ex shipping.

According to the chart, eating is low in my list of spending priorities. hahaha. But that's false because I spend quite a bit of money on groceries at Super Wal-Mart from time to time.

I'm going to spend this weekend purging re-occurring charges for services I don't need anymore. Goodbye Live Journal account! Woot. I have now saved 20 bucks for the whole year! Done!


mama of 3 said...

damn that need for food! I say we grow our own veggies and live like rabbits... without all the babies, of course.

Phoenix1914 said...

Pretty cool your gasoline is so low. My yearly gasoline expense is ridiculous. Considering a Honda GX

Alachia said...

@mamaof3 yeah, I wish I could cut my costs for Restaurants more. I think I ate more this year though than normal cuz of putting the house up for sale.

@phoenix1914 on my flickr notes for that graph, I noted that it's obvious I work from home. hehehe. I drive a Honda CRV.