Chapter 24: Qwitter

So I discovered today that Qwitter isn't such a good idea. First, I'm not sure I care if people lose interest in what I have to say. Most of what anyone has to say is of little meaning unless you actually have a vested interest in the person.

"Iron Council down! rune of death pwns face! fun times. good raid tonight"

That seems like a reasonable post by a WoW podcaster right? Or did I get something wrong? OH! That's right, WoW podcasters don't actually PLAY WoW!

Anyhow that one post had seven people stop following me immediately. I was a bit baffled. If anything, I thought I would have lost followers from my Gay Rights retweet post earlier. NOPE. Apparently Raid Progress is more taboo than political/religious beliefs! lol.

I thought about disabling Qwitter but now I'm a bit more curious as to what interest people and what doesn't. As I lean more towards revealing my RL side, how many people lose interest in my meta/wow side OR vise versa.


Jemimus said...

I have emabled Qwitter for 2 of my 3 Twitter accounts for last few months. No one has unfollowed me yet for any reason.. I am amazed.

Brickhouse said...

Actually, probably NO ONE unfollowed you because of that one tweet. Qwitter just sends you all the unfollows at the same time - about once a month. (and actually it's close to being even behind that right now.) It's misleading because the tweet it includes in the emails is just the last tweet you sent before the emails went out. So don't worry. Only lost 6 followers in a month? That's not too bad. :)