Chapter 22: Obsession

Have you ever had an obsession with someone or something to the point of debilitating madness. I get these once in a blue moon. It sometimes feels like you're heart has completely absorbed your brain and no logic will talk you down.

You know it's going to pass soon enough, eventually whatever chemical imbalance has washed through your brain waves will cleanse themselves out. However, until that time, your head is left reeling, spinning. It cycles over and over again replaying your obsessive thoughts like a broken record.

Each time, the same waves of highs and lows flutter through your entire body like gusts of wind, some gentle and others completely knock you down. And while this can have its moments of total ecstasy, for the most part you're in agonizing pain. You just want it to end...


Jemimus said...

Yes I know this struggle well.
I have told you of my own obsessive nature and as I said, I struggle with finding a balance in it, constantly self-assessing, self-agonizing. its very tiring.
BUT... I don't try to deny my own nature. These things make me who I am, and people are just gonna have to accept that sometimes I can be like that. Perhaps it makes me more interesting as a person... sometimes, to some at least. I think that I mean is that I try not to be ashamed of my own impulses, just go with the flow, so to speak.
I don't know if this applies at all to what you are talking about specifically of course. I hope it helps a bit though.