A Long Time Ago, Today

A Long Time Ago, Today, originally uploaded by alachia.

I found a box labeled "memories".. so you can imagine my organizing efforts came screeching to a halt. It's interesting reading shit you wrote over a decade ago.

I notice some fundamental shifts in my thought pattern when I entered grad school compared to early college. I think it showed that I was coming into serious conflict at the time with my life choices.

I found it actually comforting to read my thoughts and realize I had always been at conflict with myself for a long time. It helps me in my resolve that something was never in sync with my life no matter how much I tried.

I'll share some of the journal pages later.


chewyfruitloop said...

Some core thing about you never really change i think, you just fill in problems with answers you find along the way.
Every now and again you forget to remember the answers you found (wow thats circular).

Hope you find spaces for your memories amongst the large things that arrive.

If you find a way to reconcile the things you've found in the box, let me know, I could use the advice.

oh yeh....try not to hurt yourself, on the stuff in the boxes and lugging deliveries around

Strumpet said...

Every time we have moved, I carry with me a few boxes. One marked high school, one marked undergrad and one marked grad school. It's not school work, it's journals, ticket stubs, etc.

And every time we move, I have to read through the box again to see what's there and rediscover my old self. sometimes I don't even recognize what I see ... but always always it is interesting and informative :)