The fucked up thing about blogging these days is that you want to talk about shit that’s going down around you and concerning the people around you. However, everyone is online now and everyone usually knows where your blog is because, yea, sometimes you want to share your thoughts..but then you don’t want them to feel bad when you write about them.

I’m ISTJ. Introverted Sending Thinking Judging. My two highest are Introverted and Judging. I judge a lot. I observe people around me and situations and reflect upon them until they are inside out and over. A lot of times I have to write about these things to get them from jamming up my head. The last thing I’d want though is for people to think that I’m bashing them on a blog or using their grief or my grief as an exploit.

So anyhow, that’s why secret blogs are necessary…so you have a place to write the stuff you really want to write without fear of saying something wrong.


Myori said...

Now the people u know will try their hardest to find your secret blog to see if they're the ones being bashed!

Alachia said...

very likey. :) I wonder if that domain is taken. hehe.

Renee said...

Wow, I thought the exact same thing for awhile. You can write a secret blog but sometimes you want others feedback. But you don't want the ones you are talking about to read. But it's on the internet so everybody can read.

:( /hug I understand the frustration. I took to writing a physical diary which was a bit better I suppose. Good luck with your secret blog and I hope noone finds out who you are ;)

Jemimus said...

As you know I have struggled with this also. My secret blog has gone beyond just a blog, but a whole separate identity now.

The default on the internet is public, so no real way to hide a post from certain people.

The other way is to have a closed blog with just a few people knowing the password. With modern blog software you can even create groups of people with different passwords, that get to see different sets of posts, or you can blog of a single post to a single person. But the blog could never be public like that.
Also, its a lot of management and prone to mistakes.