My First Meteor Shower

NoBS 2:

So I think I’m going to stay up tonight and see if I can’t catch some of the Leonid Meteor shower. I’m constantly fascinated with the sky and the universe. Out there beyond what we will ever see in our lifetimes is a question that will NEVER be answered for me. I used to go into infinite loops in my head about infinity and finite boundaries of existence.

I try not to go too macro with my thoughts anymore. I find I have such a hard time focusing on the micro things that worrying about things beyond my comprehension of understanding is futile. Who cares if the universe is shrinking or expanding if I can’t even find time to do my laundry.

So I’ll go out and check the sky in an hour or so. It’s nearly 45 degrees Fahrenheit out there so I’m going to have to find a thick jacket and a warm hat. Luckily, I live out in the boonies now so there are few lights and the stars come in so clear that I often feel like I’m watching a HD video of they night time sky. It is beautiful. I just wish someone could point out the constellations to me. The only one I remember is Orion’s belt.

If I actually catch this meteor shower, it’ll be my first one…or at least the first one I can remember. So crazy imagining that many meteors bombarding the earth’s atmosphere. boom boom boom. Man, I need to go see 2012 this week.


Interminable Immediacy said...

I know what you mean about wondering about the universe. It's one of the reasons why astronomy is so fascinating to me. I just love learning about the stars and planets and larger, more mysterious structures in the cosmos. Especially the ones that scientists can only speculate about. It makes me wonder what our place really is, in the grand schema of things. I mean, we're one small planet amongst many. Although, theoretically, there are some 3 or 4 other planets in the Milky Way that could contain intelligent life.

At any rate, I wish I had the opportunity for a clear view of the night sky. But I get to deal with all the light pollution from Chicago. Still, I remember a time when we were visiting my uncle and looking up at the sky. The night was pitch black except for those pricks of light and being amazed. I hope the meteor shower was awesome! Now all you need is to see the aurora, which (though you might not think it) could be possible, given a strong enough solar wind.

celticlucas said...

i am highly in the minority, but i really enjoyed 2012. corny moments aside, it was a pretty damn good movie.