Photo Walk

HDR 12: Bucket, originally uploaded by alachia.

Ever since @jemimus introduced me to the StuckinCustoms blog, I've been head over heels in love with HDR photography. I just absolutely love the effect these photos have. They really do capture that essence of a camera "stealing your soul"....or in most HDR cases, "stealing the essence of the scene"

The "dynamic range" of the altered HDR image helps enrich the experience which is so commonly associated with the "you just had to be there" feeling. Anyhow, it wasn't until recently that I discovered @treyratcliff (the hdr expert behind stuckincustoms) actually lives in Austin, Texas.

Yesterday, he posted a news clip of him inviting people out to photowalk being hosted for August 6th in downtown Austin. I really want to go but my agoraphobia is totally kicking in.... I just know if I don't go though I'll totally regret it.

It's not often you get an opportunity to immerse yourself in an RL community and one that is hosted by an expert of something you're so passionate about. I should totally go. I hope I find the courage to do so.


Interminable Immediacy said...

I've never had to deal with a phobia, so I can't speak to overcoming one. But I must say, it's a good starting point that you realize you'll regret it if you don't go. If you can build from there, then I believe you will be quite able to screw up the courage to step out of the house and immerse yourself, if only for a little while, in what's outside the walls.

If it's any help, I am confident you will take this opportunity and use it to its full advantage. I'm rooting for you, Alachia, dear.

Brian said...

Just go. You've already decided you want to go, so don't talk yourself out of it.

Just remember, if you think someone has a great lens, say "nice piece of glass." Be sure not to mumble the "gl" sound or they might think you are complimenting them on their booty.

Another conversation starter is to say "man, I love to rack a shot out". That means you zoomed all the way in (i.e., shot at the longest focal length of the lens). Again, be careful because if they think you said "I love a good rack shot", it might take on a whole different meaning.

Just go!

Ravhinn said...

Omg how have I never known about this hdr stuff until just now? That is the sexiest bucket I've ever seen. I think you just changed my life. o_o

Definitely get out to that walk.